Internet Service

Louisa Communications offers fast, reliable internet to our customers in Louisa County, Iowa. It’s backed by friendly, local support.

DSL Service

8 mbps3 mbps
15 m6 m
25 m25 m
50 m16 m
100 m20 m
Please call for availability and pricing.

Modem and Installation  $50.00 (new install only with 1st month service FREE)
Leased Wireless Router ($6.00/month)
Wireless Router $84.95 (installed)
High Powered Wireless Router $99.95 (installed)

What is DSL or Digital Subscriber Line?

DSL is technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to customers over copper telephone lines.  DSL customers may receive data up to 3 Mb per second.  This enables continuous transmission of various types of media and faster download times compared to an ordinary modem.  DSL service is an “always on” connection.  If the computer is powered ON, then you are ONLINE.

Why do I need a different modem?

An ADSL modem will be needed to be compatible with the equipment used at Louisa Communications to provide DSL service.  Louisa Communications can provide these.